HAMK Collaboration

HAMK students

HAMK Collaboration

Last autumn we started a collaboration with fashion students from HAMK (Hämeen Ammattikorkeakoulu/University of Applied Sciences). 

We wanted to work together with university students so that they could be part of the actual design and production process. This way the students were able to have a peek of their chosen career and see how the designing process actually goes forward.

First the students made designs for us and we had a meeting where we chose the best designs to make samples of. At that point we also decided which fabrics and colours to use to meet their visions.

Friday 13th of January, we had a second meeting with HAMK designer students Minna, Salla, Heta, Roosa and Anna-Liina. Design process for the coats came to the point where we were trying on the samples. We checked how they fit and look and then made changes according to the designers’ visions. Even though the day was long and tight-scheduled day, we had lots of fun.

The whole collection and the designers are at CIFF C3-016, so you can stop by and get to know the stories behind the specific coats and designers.



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Photo credit: HAMK Studio C3/Okko Alkku