I have graduated from the School of Arts as a fashion designer. I have a long history and experience as a designer for Flare Trading. My ambition is to create coats for women no matter the size or age. My goal is to design well-fitted, quality coats. They need to be modern but timeless and can be used every day.

I see women who wear coats from Flare Collection or Dixi Coat, as women who prefer to look trendy. They also respect the comfortability and functionality. Quality materials and well-fitting coats play an essential role when creating new, timeless and sustainable ready-to-wear collections.

I am looking for inspiration around me, wherever I go. Art, movies, music, travelling and different cultures, especially street fashion, are never ending sources for my inspiration. You just have to keep your eyes and ears open in order to know what the modern woman wants.

When I start designing a new season, I still get excited about the coming trends, colours and materials. I am happy to do inspirational and multifunctional work as a designer. It has actually been my dream job since I was a kid.


The base for my designs has always been the relationship between the materials, colours and shapes.To get the correct shape and perfect fit for my products, I only use quality materials. The products need to have simple, clear lines and they need to be modern and suitable for this moment.

My inspiration comes from my drawings, photographing, movies and travelling around the world. I especially enjoy travelling to Japan which, as a country and for its culture, is very inspirational. I have worked in different organizations and countries. My collection won the “Kultainen Vaatepuu” in 1996.  I feel like I am a hunter when it comes to trends, that is one quality you need to have while working as a fashion designer.


Last autumn we started a collaboration with fashion students from HAMK (Hämeen Ammattikorkeakoulu/University of Applied Sciences). 

We wanted to work together with university students so that they could be part of the actual design and production process. This way the students were able to have a peek of their chosen career and see how the designing process actually goes forward.

First the students made designs for us and we had a meeting where we chose the best designs to make samples of. At that point we also decided which fabrics and colours to use to meet their visions.

Friday 13th of January, we had a second meeting with HAMK designer students Minna, Salla, Heta, Roosa and Anna-Liina. Design process for the coats came to the point where we were trying on the samples. We checked how they fit and look and then made changes according to the designers’ visions. Even though the day was long and tight-scheduled day, we had lots of fun.

The whole collection and the designers are at CIFF C3-016, so you can stop by and get to know the stories behind the specific coats and designers.




On 5th of December we were shooting our SS17 collections for both Dixi Coat and Flare Collection.

It was challenging time of the year for the spring and summer photo shoots, but with the professional and talented team we got amazing pictures for the upcoming season.



You can find us from C3-016.

"Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) is the leading and most innovative platform in northern Europe, presenting carefully curated areas for premium brands. CIFF first emerged on the Scandinavian fashion scene in 1993 and has since then grown to include CIFF RAVEN, CIFF KIDS, CIFF SHOWROOMS and CIFF SHOES.

CIFF presents sharply curated areas within womenswear and menswear, divided into 9 segments; LAB, SLEEK, URBAN, PERFORMANCE, PREMIUM, STYLE SETTERS, STYLE SETTERS BUNGALOWS, FUTURE CLASSICS and ESSENTIALS.  

The different areas present everything from a unisex high profile area (LAB) to a specifically curated womenswear only area (SLEEK), both of which features fashion forward, design driven, innovative, local, international, established and upcoming designers and brands. URBAN features urban edge designers and brands within streetwear and denim."

Come and meet us!